Frequently Asked Questions


Thank you for the constructive feedback. Whilst some users have their preferred websites and channels to find escorts, we feel that a centralized search interface that could go through the ads on multiple sources is something the web has been missing.

There are LOTS of escort ads out there. At the moment, we are able to find, index and sort a relatively small amount of them. So please bear with us: there will be much more "choice" in the near future. You might also want to broaden your horizons a bit.

Wrong. We are "one level above" directories and classified websites. When you do a search on Escortdeck, you will have a list of results. Each search result shows a "snippet" of what the full escort ad is. The actual escort ad is not hosted on Escortdeck: it is somewhere else on the internet. It could be on an escort directory, on an escort agency website, or on an adult classified website. What you see on Escortdeck is comparable of what you see on any generic or specific search engine: a list of previews that link to the actual content, which is external to the search engine. Also, on Escortdeck escorts cannot register and "create a profile" (which is the basic feature of an escort directory).

We will soon introduce a new feature for individual search results to be flagged by users. It's worth mentioning that if and when we remove a search result from our index, the original ad is likely to be still online on the source website - so you should report it there too.

At the moment, we only list female escorts in the UK.


We are not stealing your (publicly available) details. We are simply showing a preview of your details as they appear on one of the classified websites, directories or escort agency websites that you have signed up to - agreeing to some Terms & Conditions, creating a profile and uploading pictures. If you find yourself in our search results, and you click on your photo, you will eventually be redirected to the original escort ad where we took the information from. Delete that, or edit that, and changes will reflect on Escortdeck as well.

Fair enough. We might introduce a feature for escorts to ask for a particular search result to be removed. We do not have a deadline for it yet. In the mean time, please be aware that if you publish an adult classified ad somewhere on the internet, whatever you write in there is of public domain.

Relax. We are part of the group of websites authorized by Adultwork to display profile pictures. You won't get into trouble if your Adultwork profile picture appears in our search results. Moreover, when people click on it, they'll end up on your Adultwork profile. Everyone's happy.

You can't. We are not a directory. We scan and index different kind of escort and adult classified websites, and let users search through them without visiting each website one by one. So if you have an adult classified or profile somewhere on the internet, it's likely you already appear on Escortdeck. If your only online presence is your own website, it won't be picked up by Escortdeck. We might add a feature for escorts to submit their personal website to the index, but it's not in our priority list right now.

Sorry about that. This can depend on different factors. To name a few: you don't have a profile on any classified website, escort agency websites, or escort directories. You only rely on word of mouth or your personal website. That's why we "can't find" you. You have an old ad on a website, and our search technology has decided it's outdated, so it doesn't get shown. We have marked your particular ad in the wrong location. Or other techicalities we won't bore you with. Please do get in touch and when you do so, send us links of your online presence on escort websites. We will see where the problem is and we'll try to fix it.

Escort Directory and escort agency owners

Nothing personal. We simply haven't found it yet or haven't got the time to do it yet. Get in touch and let's see what we can do.

Please contact us and we will stop crawling and indexing your pages promptly. Of course we do not require any explanation for your decision, but any feedback can be useful for both.

We are not stealing anything from your site, and we definitely don't "copy and paste" stuff. We are simply going through your directory / escort agency profiles, grab a few essential data (but NO contact details of single escorts), and show a preview of your ads in an ordered and clean manner in our search results. If people are interested in any of your ads, they will be automatically redirected to the original ad on your website. YES: we are sending you highly targeted traffic.

No. We are not competitors of escort directories or escort agency websites. We don't cut you out or bypass you by showing the actual escorts contact details in our search results. Our users need to click on a button and need to land on your website in order to see the full escort profile (including the contact details). Our aim is to offer users a clean and fast search service, and to provide directories and agencies some extra targeted internet traffic.

At the moment, being indexed on Escortdeck is free. Please get in touch to know more.

At the moment we refresh our index on a daily basis. We might increase the frequency in the future.

Press and public opinion

We enjoy building good products and filling gaps.

No. We do not "control" any escort, we do not "arrange" meetings, we do not "take a slice" of the earnings of any escorts.