What is a Tantric Massage?

It can be quite confusing to choose the right erotic massage for yourself. There is the body to body massage, Nuru massage, prostate massage, and the list goes on. However one massage stands out as one of the most sensual and spiritual, this is the tantric massage.

Tantra rose to prominence in the 5th century. It is an ancient Hindu tradition of beliefs. The Tantra followers strive to channel the divine energy of the macrocosm into the human microcosm. Tantra has had a marked impact on Hinduism and Buddhism.

Tantric Buddhism led to sexually related traditions. Over time tantric practice became popular in the West. As the adoption of tantric practices spread so did its sexual methods. As Tantric practices have deep spiritual roots it is now synonymous with terms such as "spiritual sex" and "sacred sexuality".

The tantric massage, or tantra massage, is an erotic massage which incorporates elements from Tantra. In addition to the tantra roots, the massage technique also borrows concepts from yoga and sexual therapy.

When receiving a tantric massage you must play a passive role. You may be allowed to touch the masseuse but you should not take the dominant role and take over the process. If you do this you will miss out on key sensual aspects of the massage.

It is best to relax, and let the masseuse proceed with giving you a massage in a skillful manner. A talented tantric practitioner will instill a sense of well-being and deep relaxation in you. The tantric massage may awaken a deep sexual desire you.

The tantric massage is an entire body experience. Each part of your body is touched in a sensual way. During the massage both you and the masseuse will be fully naked. This allows full body to body contact to happen throughout the session. This is complimented with external elements which can enhance the experience. This can be sounds, scents, different textures, and some tantric practitioners may even include taste.

There are numerous related goals of the tantric massage. A skilled masseuse will aim to place you in an overall state of relaxation. Over the course of the massage the masseuse will build up the sexual tension in a slow sensual way. Each time taking you closer to ecstasy. In the climax of the massage, the masseuse will take the you to an orgasmic state that can be felt in your entire body.

If you would like to experience a tantric massage, let us help you find the perfect masseuse.