The desire of women

Women have been shaping men’s lives throughout history, across continents, cultures and generations. Men, time after time, spent days admiring their beauty, but even more, endless nights dreaming about them.

Dreaming of those lips, hiding a wet tongue, like a sweet secret…the warmth of their touch, the fullness of their breasts. It is just within human nature to appreciate the loveliness of their lineaments, and crave, beg, for a taste of Heaven.

Books, musics and traditions, tell us that, men have always been pulled by this unbeatable desire, a desire that takes many shapes, that has many colors...and perfumes. So if you are now honest with yourself, you’ll see that you have just the same desire.

Nowadays though, the lifestyles you are forced to obey to can often consume your time, annihilating your ability to get what you really want, and deserve.

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