Sex, Money and the Rest

In this guest blog post, Australian born, Alex Vuitton shares the challenges of being a successful male escort

alex vuitton

It's every guys dream job according to most men. The role of a male escort, having sex with numerous amounts of women and getting paid for it. That's the opinion of most men I've spoken to, believing that all it takes is to have sex and fill your bank account. Theses two things, sex and payment are the easiest and probably least challenging parts that contributes to a successful career as a male escort.

It all starts with you. A friend in the industry once told me that this career is either flowing in your veins or it isn't. You need to know within yourself that this is the career for you and that you plan to dedicate your entire self to it. You name is your brand, you need to build it strong and know that when people see or hear your name that they thing only the best of you. The work starts with getting your name out there. As an independent escort, I'm responsible for organising my own advertising and own photos so that my name reaches my required clientele.

Then there's the communication side of things. Every escort, male or female will tell you that not every call or message is a guaranteed client. On a daily basis I deal with what we in the industry like to call time wasters. The people who call but have no intention of booking, their only objective is to either get aroused by the conversation or simply to just waste my time. Even after multiple of these calls, I can never let my service levels drop. I have to treat every call as a potential client or even potential regular.

It's about giving my best to my clients

Alex Vuitton

It's about giving my best to my clients. At ever stage, from that introductory call to the moment I'm seeing them off after a successful booking. I give it my best at every avenue because when people talk about my name (my brand) I only ever want them to say the best things.

alex vuitton

Now for the juicy part, the sex. Admittedly it's part of the job I really enjoy. Helping people explore their sexual fantasies all the while enjoying the constant evolution of my own sexuality. Just when j think I've seen it or done it all, a client comes along and surprises me. The constant different requests and challenging myself to fulfill these desires to the best of my abilities is what makes the sex oh so much sexier. There's a certain bond that is formed between myself and a client that turns a simple booking into an exhilarating, heart pounding and mind blowing sexual moment in time that leaves both bodies quivering with pleasure.

Having said that, the bookings themselves aren't always just about sex. People would be amazed to know that I've even had bookings where there was not a moment of sex involved.

Easy money some would say, this is actually when the hard part starts. Spending an hour or more with someone who may just want some human companionship, or a pair of ears willing to listen to their stories. It is said, the role of a good escort can be related to that of a psychologist. Weather it be helping people realise their sexual desires or helping them open up with emotional issues that they have just needed to get out for a very long time. I pride myself on being the person my clients turn to in their time of need, sexual or emotional It all makes up my role as a male escort.

By now you will realise that there's so much more to being an independent escort than just sex. I have to be the businessman, the marketer, the sex icon and the councillor. But on top of all of this, I still need to find time for myself.. The man behind the brand, the one who rarely surfaces but should never be forgotten.

Sorry if this has bust a few bubbles when it come to how you think about the role of an escort, but everyone already knows the fun side of the job. I just though it's time they herd the side that no one ever sees or hears. The side that shows we as escorts are not just sex workers but we are a multifunctional business all in one.

The role of a good escort can be related to that of a psychologist

Alex Vuitton

So to my fellow escorts I say, you have my deepest respects for the amazing jobs you do and to the people considering joining the industry I say, make sure you know that it's so much more than just sex money. Steve Jobs once said, " the only way to do great work is to love what you do". I love what I do and because of that my journey has been great.

Love to all ...
Mr Alex Vuitton

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