Independent Escorts and Agencies

What is the difference between hiring an escort through an agency and choosing an independent one?

Before explaining, we need to understand why would a girl choose to be independent. Let's put in this simple but effective way: would you rather be self employed or an employee? There is not a right answer to the question, it just depends. And when it comes to decide which one to book, you need some information.

Most of the escorts working independently have either their own loyal customers or have good skills to advertise themselves, especially online. Many of them have both those abilities. This raises the simplest of questions: why should they split their fee with an agency?

Because of this obvious reason you might find some independent escorts for a cheaper price, not loosing anything in the quality of their service. You might also find out that they are willing to accommodate a special request, which an agency might not provide. Also you will talk directly with them on the phone, and deal only with them.

Relying on an agency, gives you the possibility to make just one simple call and explain what you would like to experience when the girl visits you...or when you visit her.

Prices are usually not negotiable and can be a bargain, or a more exclusive VIP treatment. You will always be able to choose from a vast range of immediately available escorts in your area. Your companion for 1 hour, or maybe overnight, will be selected specifically to your taste.

As you can see we can't conclude which way is the best one, the only real way to know is try it yourself and judge. And we can definitely help you to find the right person to match your highest expectations.

You can browse through all our independent escorts or pick an agency and make up your mind.