Find your Geisha

The art of being an escort is not recognised in every place you go. It is not an easy job to do and it definitively requires preparation. Most of the time escorts are denigrated and not considered like real professionals.

Fortunately it is not true everywhere. There are places where being an escort is considered a job like any other. It is a profession that requires hard work to achieve great results.

One of the countries where this is considered an art and girls consider it a vocation is Japan. The so called Geishas are the equivalent of escorts in the western countries. The difference is that are well respected among the local community.

It is not a job for everybody, it has a proper career path and definitively dedication by whoever wants to become one of them.

The most famous city where the best Geisha schools are located is Kyoto. With its romantic gardens and exquisite Japanese dishes is the best place to learn this art coming from the old Japanese tradition.

In these schools different skills are taught, from the art of serving tea, the massage, the make up and many other.

Girls dedicate their whole life to study, become a Geisha, and to start their profession in that direction. Usually business man are entertained by them. It can happen during a business meeting or after a long and stressful working day.

Hanging out with a Geisha is not considered disrespectful for your wife or partner in Japan. It is totally part of the culture. A Geisha just offers you entertainment. If entertainment means sex to you, you can ask for it but it doesn't mean your dream will become true, unless she really liked you and enjoyed your company.

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