Striptease - Find the best striptease

There are several things that might turn a normal night with a companion escort into an unforgettable one. Sensuality, slow build up of a sexual attraction, chemistry connection are all factors that matter when it is the first time you are spending time with the beautiful lady you are meeting.

What is better than a passionate and engaging strip dance? It cant hurt for sure and it will definitively help you relax and get in the mood to enjoy your deserved treat.

Strip dancing is an art and requires loads of training to achieve the coordination and strength to get to the perfect performance. This will without any doubt reflect on the body shape and personality of the escort of your choice, so pick her carefully.

There are lots of factors that distinguish a well performed strip dance from a poor one. Here some hints to allow you to be the judge the gift you decided to give yourself.

Visual contact: this is a really important factor. The dance is for you and only you. Eyes are the first medium you are going to be engaged with. The ability of transmitting passion and sensuality without any physical contact is not an easy one to acquire, hence it is a big discriminant when the judgment time comes.

Harmony: the movements need to be fluid and harmonious like in any well performed dance. The physical effort doesn't have to be showed. The strip dance needs to look like an easy thing to do from the point of view of the admirer.

Natural: the repetition of movements and the order in which the dancer get undressed doesn't have to be an established pattern. The dance has to be unique, just for you, hence improvisation is a must. It is something that has to come from inside the strip dancer depending on the moment, the pathos reached in that moment and your wishes.

Pace: no rush should be imposed to the dance. You want it to be almost endless and build up really slowly. It has to be slow and magnificent like the sun rising in the morning.

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