An interview with Eva Rodriguez

Originally from Brazil, Eva Rodriguez now lives in Spain where she is a modern, successful escort. In this candid interview, Eva shares her thoughts on health, marketing, and men.

Welcome, could you tell us about yourself, which part of Brazil do you come from and do you miss it?

Hi, thank you again for inviting me to this interview. I come from huge São Paulo. I miss my family, the weather and fruit juices.

What do you enjoy about living in Spain?

The food, the life quality, the security (that we don't have much where I come from) and especially the freedom of going out alone and don't be hardly harassed and disrespected in public spaces by being a beautiful woman.

Do you consider yourself to be a feminist?

Absolutely! Although many people still think that because you're an escort you shouldn't say it and some even think that we have to accept all kinds of requests and say 'yes' to all men's wishes. Not anymore.

What do you feel are the main skills you have that have contributed to your success?

My ability to not be carried out by certain people/situations. I've always put my health (mental and physical) and my personal safety in first place, even if this made me lose many clients. I'm a good marketer, I'm always reinventing myself and working as an escort helped me to know myself better. I'm Eva and Eva is part of who I am... It's more than time for us to deconstruct moralists and religious prejudices that only put women down.

eva rodriguez

How do you prepare for a client?

Mint breath, a good shower followed by body lotion and good perfume, sexy lingerie (Brazilian g-string), a classy-sexy dress, good high heels and some make-up but not too much, I prefer a bit of a natural fresh look.

I always teach them when they allow me but some of them need more constant classes

Eva Rodriguez

What is it that makes you stand out?

I'm not fake and futile, I'm a book with a beautiful cover and a nice content inside. The right balance between being hot but also someone who men can talk with about almost everything, they feel very comfortable with me. A truly GFE, when we meet they feel they have found a girlfriend and feel pleased and delighted with a passionate sex, a sexy lap dance and a wonderful massage! What else do they need?

What do you like/dislike about your job?

  • Money and freedom of time
  • Fancy lifestyle: good restaurants, 5 stars hotels, exclusive wine and champagne and the opportunity to combine work/fun/leisure travels
  • Meeting interesting men from different nationalities and learning with and about them
  • To shock people and society sometimes, breaking paradigms
  • When they let me to spank them and being well payed for that... Priceless!
  • When I meet a client I have connection with and I have orgasms with him... Priceless - I make money and orgasm. Feel the power of a pussy!
  • To have to hide and isolate myself sometimes because of what I do and can't talk openly about it
  • I love sex and men, but unfortunately due to bad porn influence very few men know how to please a woman in bed. I always teach them when they allow me but some of them need more constant classes - LOL
  • Last minute bookings when I'm busy

I make money and orgasm. Feel the power of a pussy!

Eva Rodriguez

Australian male escort Alex Vuitton has told us that sometimes clients just want someone to listen and have genuine human contact. Alex referred to this phrase “... the role of a good escort can be related to that of a psychologist”. Would you agree to this? If so, is this a difficult aspect of your work?

I've read his interview, Alex is hot, he's my type! When I get old I will hire escorts like him to wake me up with a pussy licking alarm clock. And absolutely, we are non recognized psychologists. For me now this part it's not that difficult, it used to be when I've worked for clubs and agencies, because I had to deal with a lot of unhappy, frustrated, traumatized and sick people (girls and guys) but being independent gives me more control.

What are your top 3 tips for someone wanting to see an escort for the first time?

Hygienics - Take a good shower (wash under your arms and genitals) and brush your teeth properly, please.

No porn show - Sorry to disappoint you, I'm very good in sex and enjoy it a lot but it doesn't mean I like you grab my boobs as if they were oranges and you want some juice, fingering a woman is an art so don't think I like when it seems you are trying to stick your 5 fingers inside me, don't lick my face like a dog and don't jump on bed as if you were riding a horse. Grabbing my hair and spankings only if I authorize, please ask before doing it. I will appreciate that SO MUCH;

Respect - NO is NO. Agree everything in advance with the escort, tell about your preferences and ask her/him if they can please you in that way.

Did you change your view about men after becoming an escort?

Not really, I always knew men were stupid. I just realized they are more than I've imagined. Lol

On your sites blog, there is an article explaining that men pay for time with woman, even if it is not an escort. Following on from this, how do you feel about women who use internet dating to go on dates simply to get free dinners?

This is great. I also do that.

Do you think escorts are respected in western countries in the same way that Japan respects Geishas?

Not at all. I hope we are in our way as countries like Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland had legalized it but there is still a loooong way to go and to stop hypocrisy.

With the regulation of this activity it would be much easier to control human trafficking

Eva Rodriguez

Is there anything the the governments could do to improve working conditions of escorts?

Yes, again in the topic: to legalize it. Men won't stop buying sex. With the regulation of this activity it would be much easier to control human trafficking, which I find the biggest cruelty in the world, and also we will become official taxpayers which is an amazing benefit to any government. With that money it would also be possible to create institutions to take care of escorts and their clients health, everybody is still ashamed to talk about that and the girls have no trust and freedom to talk to some doctors openly about everything.

You have a very appealing website, use twitter, and post on sites like This seems like a modern approach to marketing yourself. Has this proactive approach helped you in finding clients? How do you feel about escorts who don't market themselves in this way?

Yes, it helps me a lot but for something more important than quantity: quality, I meet very nice and interesting men. Escorts who don't market themselves are liable to accept anything that comes and to have to do all types of services that are requested to them.

something more important than quantity: quality

Eva Rodriguez

You must have had technical challenges with building your website website, making video's etc. What were they and how did you overcome them?

Yes, many, I got really pissed off with my previous SEO manager as he took way too long to do things + he didn't have enough knowledge to do all I needed but this is sorted now, I've hired a new agency and it seems they are doing a good job. About the videos and photos of course I don't do by myself, I hire a professional photographer and editor. But I'm also in charge of doing many things such as writing posts and text pages, managing my Twitter account, doing link building, some edition, checking trends, etc.

We admire your short video ‘Eva's Walk', you look very sexy and elegant in that footage. Is there any interesting trivia around that? Did anything funny or unexpected happen while shooting?

I love having a good quality video in my website, so this way clients can believe that my photos are real. Nothing unexpected, it's nice to see the final result but it gives a lot of work! It's so many hours recording tapes, doing same poses and so on, that's why models need to be well paid too!

What do you think about Escortdeck?

A really good escorts search engine with good quality content. I also like these interview posts a lot. Pity it's only for UK...

By the way, I love English men, kisses to all! X

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