Understanding Escortdeck

After a few weeks of email exchanges, we agreed to being interviewed by Davide Turrini of prestigious Italian newspaper “Il Fatto Quotidiano”. We wanted to set the record straight after the Daily Mirror's article of a few months ago, in which we were accused of being sexist and pimps.

Why did we choose an Italian newspaper? Well, four of five people behind Escortdeck are Italians living in London - here we go, we said it.

Moreover, “Il Fatto” is one of the leading newspapers in Italy and is renowned to have a progressive voice, and we thought this could help given the subject....read more

An interview with Eva Rodriguez

Originally from Brazil, Eva Rodriguez now lives in Spain where she is a modern, successful escort. In this candid interview, Eva shares her thoughts on health, marketing, and men.

Welcome, could you tell us about yourself, which part of Brazil do you come from and do you miss it?

Hi, thank you again for inviting me to this interview. I come from huge São Paulo. I miss my family, the weather and fruit juices.

What do you enjoy about living in Spain?

The food, the life quality, the security (that we don't have much where I come from) and especially the freedom of going out alone and don't be hardly harassed and disrespected in public spaces by being a beautiful woman.

Do you consider yourself to be a feminist?

Absolutely! Although many people still think that because you're an escort you shouldn't say it and some even think that we have to accept all kinds of requests and say 'yes' to all men's wishes. Not anymore.

What do you feel are the main skills you have that have contributed to your success?

My ability to not be carried out by certain people/situations. I've always put my health (mental and physical) and my personal safety in first place, even if this made me lose many clients. I'm a good marketer, I'm always reinventing myself and working as an escort helped me to know myself better. I'm Eva and Eva is part of who I am... It's more than time for us to deconstruct moralists and religious prejudices that only put women down.

How do you prepare for a client?

Mint breath, a good shower followed by body lotion and good perfume, sexy lingerie (Brazilian g-string), a classy-sexy dress, good high heels and some make-up but not too much, I prefer a bit of a natural fresh look...read more

Sex, Money and the Rest

In this guest blog post, Alex Vuitton shares the challenges of being a successful male escort

It's every guys dream job according to most men. The role of a male escort, having sex with numerous amounts of women and getting paid for it. That's the opinion of most men I've spoken to, believing that all it takes is to have sex and fill your bank account. Theses two things, sex and payment are the easiest and probably least challenging parts that contributes to a successful career as a male escort.

It all starts with you. A friend in the industry once told me that this career is either flowing in your veins or it isn't. You need to know within yourself that this is the career for you and that you plan to dedicate your entire self to it. You name is your brand, you need to build it strong and know that when people see or hear your name that they thing only the best of you. The work starts with getting your name out there. As an independent escort, I'm responsible for organising my own advertising and own photos so that my name reaches my required clientele.

Then there's the communication side of things. Every escort, male or female will tell you that not every call or message is a guaranteed client. On a daily basis I deal with what we in the industry like to call time wasters. The people who call but have no intention of booking, their only objective is to either get aroused by the conversation or simply to just waste my time. Even after multiple of these calls, I can never let my service levels drop. I have to treat every call as a potential client or even potential regular...read more

Independent Escorts and Agencies

What is the difference between hiring an escort through an agency and choosing an independent one?

Before explaining, we need to understand why would a girl choose to be independent. Let's put in this simple but effective way: would you rather be self employed or an employee? There is not a right answer to the question, it just depends. And when it comes to decide which one to book, you need some information.

Most of the escorts working independently have either their own loyal customers or have good skills to advertise themselves, especially online. Many of them have both those abilities...read more

The desire of Women

Women have been shaping men’s lives throughout history, across continents, cultures and generations. Men, time after time, spent days admiring their beauty, but even more, endless nights dreaming about them.

Dreaming of those lips, hiding a wet tongue, like a sweet secret…the warmth of their touch, the fullness of their breasts. It is just within human nature to appreciate the loveliness of their lineaments, and crave, beg, for a taste of Heaven.

Books, musics and traditions, tell us that, men have always been pulled by this unbeatable desire, a desire that takes many shapes, that has many colors...and perfumes. So if you are now honest with yourself, you’ll see that you have just the same desire...read more

What is a Tantric Massage?

It can be quite confusing to choose the right erotic massage for yourself. There is the body to body massage, Nuru massage, prostate massage, and the list goes on. However one massage stands out as one of the most sensual and spiritual, this is the tantric massage.

Tantra rose to prominence in the 5th century. It is an ancient Hindu tradition of beliefs. The Tantra followers strive to channel the divine energy of the macrocosm into the human microcosm. Tantra has had a marked impact on Hinduism and Buddhism.

Tantric Buddhism led to sexually related traditions. Over time tantric practice became popular in the West. As the adoption of tantric practices spread so did its sexual methods. As Tantric practices have deep spiritual roots it is now synonymous with terms such as "spiritual sex" and "sacred sexuality".

The tantric massage, or tantra massage, is an erotic massage which incorporates elements from Tantra. In addition to the tantra roots, the massage technique also borrows concepts from yoga and sexual therapy...read more

Find your Geisha

The art of being an escort is not recognised in every place you go. It is not an easy job to and it definitively requires preparation. Most of the time escorts are denigrated and not considered like real professionals.

Fortunately it is not true everywhere. There are places where being an escort is considered a job like any other. It is a profession that requires hard work to achieve great results.

One of the countries where this is considered an art and girls consider it a vocation is Japan. The so called Geishas are the equivalent of escorts in the western countries. The difference is that are well respected among the local community.

It is not a job for everybody, it has a proper career path and definitively dedication by whoever wants to become one of them.

The most famous city where the best Geisha schools are located is Kyoto. With its romantic gardens and exquisite Japanese dishes is the best place to learn this art coming from the old Japanese tradition...read more

Striptease - Find the best striptease

There are several things that might turn a normal night with a companion escort into an unforgettable one. Sensuality, slow build up of a sexual attraction, chemistry connection are all factors that matter when it is the first time you are spending time with the beautiful lady you are meeting.

What is better than a passionate and engaging strip dance? It cant hurt for sure and it will definitively help you relax and get in the mood to enjoy your deserved treat.

Strip dancing is an art and requires loads of training to achieve the coordination and strength to get to the perfect performance. This will without any doubt reflect on the body shape and personality of the escort of your choice, so pick her carefully.

There are loads of factors that distinguish a well performed strip dance from a poor one. Here some hints to allow you to be the judge the gift you decided to give yourself.

Visual contact: this is a really important factor. The dance is for you and only you. Eyes are the first medium you are going to be engaged with. The ability of transmitting passion and sensuality without any physical contact is not an easy one to acquire, hence it is a big discriminant when the judgment time comes...read more

Erotic Adult Massages

Receiving an erotic massage is a pleasurable way to distress. There are a number of different options to choose from. We will give you an overview to help you select the best intimate massage for yourself.

Nuru Massage

This is a massage where the masseuse applies Nuru Gel all over the client. Nuru Gel is a special kind of massage gel made from Nori Seaweed, Chamomile and natural minerals. Nuru means ‘slippery’ in Japanese, which is a perfect description of this gel.

The slipperiness of this gel allows the masseuse to slide her body all over yours. When done by a skilled masseuse, this 'body slide' technique is extremely satisfying.

A Nuru Massage is often accompanied by a shower before, and possibly after the session. The masseuse may even join you in what is called an assisted shower.

If this has peaked your interest have a look at the following escorts who offer related services....read more